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Board of Directors

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for setting the company’s strategy and outlining laying out the economic policy, purpose, and objectives of the company. The Board of Directors works in accordance with the roles and powers defined for it in the Government Companies Law and company regulations.

Some of the Board of Directors’ tasks are the approval of the company’s annual budget, approval of quarterly and annual financial statements, approval of its plans, setting of personnel recruitment policy, approval of employment terms for company positions and for those employed in its service, and appointment of senior officials, including determination of the terms of their qualification and employment.

The Board of Directors is responsible for management of the system of oversight over company operations, including continuous and systematic supervision of the manner in which the company’s general policy is carried out, the actual execution process of its work plans, and the manner in which the budget is used.

For the purpose of fulfilling its duty and realizing its powers as recognized by law, the Board of Directors is entitled to establish permanent committees. Accordingly, there have been established an Audit Committee, Finance Committee, Mechanism Committee, and an ad hoc committee for setting the company’s organizational structure.

The Board of Directors is appointed by the Minister of Transportation and Road Safety, and the Minister of Finance, in consultation with the Committee for Examination of Appointments in the Civil Service.

Board of Directors Members:

Mr. Ram Belinkov (chairman of the board)

Mr. Oded Gevuli (Tel Aviv-Jaffa city engineer)

CPA Opher Eliasher (government representative)

Mr. Dan Rashal (public representative)

Mrs. Dalit Braun (public representative)

Atty. Saed Sammor (public representative)

Mrs. Hava Shechter (public representative)

Mr. Yuval Tal (public representative)

Mrs. Orit Rishpi (public representative)


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