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Community Relations

The complexity of the project, and the duration of execution, require public support, from residents, merchants, and decision makers).

Attentiveness to the public will enable NTA to execute the project while taking into consideration public needs, and preserving quality of life during the work.

The scale of the project results in a broad sphere of impact that the public can, and should, influence, and thus not concede on quality of life during the work.

Due to these and other reasons, NTA has decided to accompany the construction work for the mass transit system with broad public relations that will provide the public with information regarding the system and the work.

What does this include?

  • Distribution of comprehensive, detailed, and reliable information in a timely manner.
  • Collaboration on municipal projects for transmission of information.
  • Presentation of the project in the local authorities, municipal bodies, and neighborhood councils.
  • Raising of problems in advance, and their prevention (accessibility, parking, noise, etc.).
  • A representative of NTA works in each city and routinely handles relations with residents.

The public relations division of NTA will accompany the community of residents and business owners throughout the entire period of construction work, by routinely communicating reliable information by means of:

Conferences, individual meetings, distribution of brochures in mailboxes, press advertisements, sending of voice messages, etc.

In every work area there is a representative of the public relations division who is available for inquiries, questions, in providing solutions to problems that arise during execution of the work, in order to maintain standard routine living as far as possible.

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