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Company Profile

NTA is leading for the public a revolution in public transportation in Israel’s central region. The heart of this revolution is an advanced mass transit system integrated with all means of transportation. The system will serve as an engine for economic, social, and urban growth, while implementing a sustainable design and preserving quality of life and environmental quality.

The Light Rail – Contributing to the Commuter, the Metropolis, and the Country

Fast, Smooth, and Continuous Transit:

  • Right of way at junctions and traffic lights
  • Capacity: 250-750 passengers, depending on number of train cars
  • Short stop time at stations: Many doors, ticketing at the platform, and rapid passenger turnover
  • High-frequency schedule: A train at the station on average every 3-6 minutes
  • Connections with other means of public transportation

A City in Renewal:

  • Savings of millions of work hours through shortened entry times into the metropolis
  • An awakening of commercial opportunities all along the rail route
  • Upgrade of the urban texture and the public arena
  • Rise in real estate values near the mass transit lines and stations
  • Renewal of city streets and rehabilitation of urban landscape

Cleaner Air:

  • Electric engines powered by overhead cables
  • Quiet engines without pollution
  • Reduction of air pollution levels in the metropolis
  • Reduction of number of buses
  • Immediate reduction in environmental noise pollution resulting from cars and buses

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