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What is the “ Sustainable Transportation” Program?

The educational program “Sustainable Transportation” takes place in the framework of the project “Children Make a Difference” of the Environmental Education Department of the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel, and is run in schools near the light rail route. The children participating in the program are destined to use the light rail system, the first line of which will begin operations in 2020. Construction work for the Red Line are currently taking place in the children’s neighborhood, sometimes right outside their door, and make it difficult to lead a regular life.

In the framework of the program, counselors from the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel - Tel Aviv-Jaffa branch – come for an experiential activity both inside and outside of the school, dealing with the topic: Environmental Protection, Problems and Solutions in the Field of Transportation. The activity is for children grades 4-6, and includes 10 biweekly sessions of two hours each. The children participate in exceptional activities outside of school and in the classrooms, dealing with unique topics that combine a number of aspects:

  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable transportation

  • Quality-of-life and environment

  • Deep familiarity with the light rail project passing near their place of residence

What does the “Sustainable Transportation” program include?

  • Experiential classroom learning about modes of transportation, the process of their development, and the importance of environmentally friendly transportation

  • Observation and touring along the transportation routes in the Tel Aviv metropolitan area and a trip on Israel Railways

  • Surveys of neighborhood residents and school communities

  • Experiments outdoors and in a laboratory

  • Walking along the light rail route

  • Efforts in the community for “sustainable transportation” and reduction of air pollution

The data collected reveal a “gray” picture of the air pollution situation and its connection to transportation in Gush Dan. Afterword, the children learn about and raise potential solutions to transportation problems in Israel and the rest of the world, and in this framework get to know the light rail system as a part of the solution while being involved in community service.

At the end of the program, a summary “highlight” session is held where the children tell about the diverse activities they experienced, both in the classroom and in the city, in cooperation with the parents and neighborhood residents. The concluding event represents a high point of the project and includes fun activities for the children.

The project is taking place for the ninth consecutive year, and is the product of fruitful collaboration between the light rail project, NTA, and the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel.

The goal of the project is to educate children to love the environment, and to provide them information about modern transportation and the light rail, which will greatly benefit the environment. The project is run at schools located along the light rail route.

Photographs from the summary “highlight” session (2012-13) at the Gavrieli school in Tel Aviv

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