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Freedom of Information Act

Every citizen or resident has the right to receive information from a public authority in accordance with the provisions of this law.

Receipt of information – including perusal, viewing, listening, reproduction, photocopy, receipt of computer output, or receipt of information in any other fashion, in accordance with the type of information and manner of its storage.

Freedom of Information Act Officer:

Ms. Orli Eini – Acting Director Division of Public Relations

Submission of a request through “Contact Us”

Fee Payment

Submission of a request entails payment of the fee which may be paid at the NTA offices by check or in cash.

Request Fee

100 NIS which must be submitted together with the request form, by check made out to NTA Metropolitan Mass Transit System Ltd., or by cash payment.

Handling Fee

54 NIS for each work hour locating and sorting information, or other handling of the request, starting from the third work hour. This fee shall be paid through an invoice that will be sent to the inquirer upon completion of handling of the request.

Production Fee

1.35 NIS per photocopy page or computer printout.

5.34 NIS for each computer disk provided.

For recorded, filmed, or photographed information – the submitter of the request shall bear the production or copying cost for the information.

Commitment To Incur Fee Charges

One who submits a request for receipt of information shall commit to incur the handling fee charges and production fee charges up to a total of 266 NIS.




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