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Onsite Construction

Access Shafts

Towards the end of 2011, NTA began the digging works at three access shafts. Thus began in practice the works for the underground segment of the Red Line route. And access shaft is an underground structure shaped like a hollow roofless box, built with concrete walls, a concrete floor, and horizontal steel supports that support the perimeter walls against pressure from the ground and water.

In the first phase, each of the shafts is used as an underground cellar, from which tunnel boring machines (TBMs) are dispatched. This is the phase where the TBM’s are put into operation. In the second phase, after completion of the tunnels, the shaft will serve as a distributor for the track system.

Access Shaft for Em Hamoshavot Station

Located between Geha Junction and the new Em Hamoshavot Bridge, the shaft is 100 meters long, 35 meters wide, and 25 meters deep. After pouring of the ceiling weighing 200 tons, the digging works began, and have reached a depth of 10 meters. A giant beam has been poured to support Highway 4.

Herzl Shaft

Located at 14 Yehuda Halevi St. in Tel Aviv. In this shaft, depth digging was executed in several phases. At first, NTA built the first layer of starts (supports for internal walls) at a depth of 5 meters. Afterward, a second layer was installed at a depth of 9 meters. In the next phase, an additional digging of 4 meters of depths was executed, followed by a digging of 15 meters of depth below the groundwater. The pouring of the shaft floor in the next phase is being executed by divers.

Gali Gil Shaft

Located at the triangle between the intersection of the Ayalon Freeway and the Leonardo Hotel, between Tel Aviv and Ramat Gan (formerly the Gali Gil parking lot). The work includes drilling of walls to a depth of 55 meters under ground level, Jet-Grout high-pressure injection at the two ends of the shaft in order to prevent water penetration, with the TBMs beginning the tunnel digging on both sides of the shaft – a pair of machines in the direction of Ramat Gan, and a pair in the direction of Tel Aviv.

Additional Tenders and Activites

  • In 2013 the tender for the construction of the Shenker portal was issued, after which the Jabotinsky route in Petah Tikva will open for traffic.
  • In 2013 the rail car tender was issued: 90 cars with an option for an additional 30. At the conference for this tender, 22 large international companies participated. Out of them, there are 13 actual candidates.
  • The firm Gaudeta was selected in the tender for monitoring of buildings along the route of the line. The company will handle monitoring in the field, in parallel to work at the control center.
  • For the first time a risk management system was established for the Red Line.
  • In 2013 the depot tender was issued – for the construction of the maintenance center in Petah Tikva.
  • In the Herzl shaft, 19 cameras were installed that broadcast activity in real time, 24 hours a day. Soon additional cameras will be installed in the rest of the shafts.

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