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To compensate for the traffic difficulties caused by the construction of the LRT, the public transportation system is bolstered and efficient alternatives offered to its passengers.

Changes include diversion of routes to nearby streets and repositioning stations in according to the new routes.

A note to the travelling public: generally speaking, public transportation lines will not be canceled due to construction.

The Ministry of Transport has taken a number of solutions to maintain the level of service in the duration of the constructions:

1. Additional Buses – the bus fleet has been increased to ensure reliability of the service.

2. Additional lines – Lines 20 and 21 connect Tel Aviv's central train stations – Savidor-Center, HaShalom and HaHagana – to Tel Aviv's commercial center (the "city" on Rothschild Boulevard and to the office buildings on Yigal Alon Street.

Line 15 connects HaHagana station to Karmelit bus terminal and the commercial center near Allenby Street.

3. High Capacity Vehicles – These are larger, accessible buses with a new ticketing system, which enable shorter stopping periods at the stations.

  • Line 1 runs along the LRT's Red Line route, and has been bolstered
  • Line 189 from Holon via Ibn Gvirol Street to Atidim terminal is also operating high capacity vehicles.

4. Additional trains and seats – Israel Railways has added 14 trains per day, with over 10,000 additional seats.

5. Park and Ride Lots – 4 high capacity parking lots situated at key entry points to the metropolitan area Offer high frequency shuttle services to transport commuters from these parking lots to the city centers and the various commercial centers:

  • Netanya – line 608: from Netanya stadium to Yehuda Halevi, Allenby and Rothschild Boulevard.
  • Hertzliya – line 93: from the municipal staium to Allenby, Rothschild Boulevard and La guardia.
  • Modi'in – line 130: from Mitspe Modi'in to Allenby and Rothschild Boulevard
  • Rishon LeZion – line 80: from Yes Planet compound and Rishonim station to Allenby and Rothschild Boulevard.

6. Additional public transportation lanes and increased enforcement – More public transportation lanes have been assigned with greater enforcement of the lanes, to ensure fluency of the traffic. We are working on assigning additional lanes.


For additional information on public transportation during the construction works, please visit or call the "Kol Kav" route mapping hotline at *8787. 




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