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Tour in Galei Gil Shaft, 4.11.2016
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Sukkot 2016 Family activity
Sukkot 2016 Family activity
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Red Line
Line's color
Line Infrastructure
3-6 min
Annual passengers No.
70 million
Number of Stations 10 24 34
Number of Authorities
Length of Line
24 km
Start of Operation

The Red Line will be the ‘backbone’ of the mass transit system, and will pass through the most congested regions of the metropolitan area, serving the greatest number of passengers when compared with future lines to be constructed in the framework of NTA’s transit vision.

In the Red Line, the city train will go from the central station in Petah Tikva, through Beilinson Hospital, along Jabotinsky St. in Bnei Brak, and through Ramat Gan. The line will continue to the Arlozorov train station, run along Begin St. and near the Azrieli Center, from where it will continue on to the south of the Kirya, Manshiyya, Jerusalem Blvd. in Jaffa, and end in southern Bat Yam. In the future there is a possibility for the line to be extended to Moshe Dayan interchange in Rishon Lezion.

The length of the line is 24km, 11km of which is in a tunnel that will be excavated underground, from Manshiyya/Neve Tzedek in Tel Aviv to past Geha Interchange.

The red line will include 34 stations along its route, with 24 above ground and 10 underground. The distance between above ground stations will be 500 meters. The distance between underground stations will be one kilometer.

The train traveling on the underground level will have exclusive right of way in the tunnel (without crossing vehicles or pedestrians). This fact will allow for a high frequency of trains.

The frequency of trains in peak hours in the underground segment (from Manshiyya to Petah Tikva-Geha Interchange) is expected to be every 1.5 minutes. At other times of day, the frequency will be lower.

Along the above ground route the frequency at peak hours is planned to be – a train every three minutes.


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