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Tour in Galei Gil Shaft, 4.11.2016
Tour in Galei Gil Shaft, 4.11.2016
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Sukkot 2016 Family activity
Sukkot 2016 Family activity
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Purple Line
Line's color
Line Infrastructure
Annual passengers No.
60 million
Number of Stations 45 45
Number of Authorities
Length of Line
29 km
Start of Operation
2022 - First stage

The Purple Line is designed to connect the eastern regions of the Tel Aviv metropolitan area with the Tel Aviv city center. The total length of the line is approximately 28 km.

Route of the Line

The beginning of the branch is at the 2000 Complex (Arolozorov train station). It continues through the streets: Arlozorov, Ben Yehuda, Allenby, Aliya, Levinsky, Hahagana, Hashalom Rd. (Tel Aviv), Aluf Sadeh Rd. (Givatayim – Ramat Gan), Aluf Sadeh interchange, and Sheba Rd.

From the region of the Sheba Medical Center, the line splits into two branches.

The Northern Branch will operate through the streets: Refael Eitan, Anna and Max Web, adjacent to the northern border of Bar Ilan University.

The southen branch will operate from the area of Sheba Medical Center, the route continues through Tel Hashomer army base, which will evacuate, through the city of Yehud-Monoson, up to the end of the southern branch on Hataiasim junction.

The Depot Branch

The Southern branch of this line includes an extension through the city of Or - Yehuda, to the line's Depot which will be located on the southern part of the city.

Important Centers Along the Route and Meetings with Other Transit Lines

The Arlozorov train station (adjacent to the Red Line station), meeting with the Green Line at Arlozorov-Ibn Gvirol Junction, central streets in Tel Aviv, meeting with Green Line at Levinsky-Har Zion Junction, Tel Aviv Central Bus Station, Israel Railways Station –Hahagana, Aluf Sadeh Interchange (a planned station of Israel Railways), Sheba Medical Center, Tel Hashomer army base and Bar Ilan University.

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