The tree Metro lines will extend and complete the mass transit system of central Israel, all around the metropolitan are. Metro - the next transportation revolution

About the Metro

The metro line network includes 3 lines with a total length of 150 km Underground network that will serve the Tel Aviv metropolitan area through 109 stations. 4 Depot complexes are designed to support the network. The Objective is to establish a mass transit system that links commuter towns to the center of the Tel Aviv Metropolitan Area and its major business centers, quickly and conveniently, and connecting residential neighborhoods with workplaces via light rail, heavy rail, and other public transport.

  • 3Lines
  • 109Stations
  • 150Km


  • M1 Line

    Connects the Northern and Southern regions of the metropolis to the employment and trade centers in the city of Tel Aviv

    M1 Line
  • M2 Line

    M2 Metro Line connects the Eastern regions of the metropolis to Central and Southern city of Tel Aviv

    M2 Line
  • M3 Line

    Provides accessibility and connectivity to significant employment centers on the metropolitan inner ring border

    M3 Line