Or Yehuda


Or Yehuda, a town located between the Ben Gurion Airport to the east and road 4 to the west, was established in 1949 and named after Rabbi Yehuda Hai Alkalai, one of the forefathers of Zionism. The town, where 37,000 people currently live, started with the immigrant camps established to accept the great waves of immigration that followed the establishment of the State of Israel.

After many decades of slow growth and various difficulties, Or Yehuda received a town status in 1988. During the 2000s, the town continued to grow and improve economically. A unique site located in town is the Libya Jewry Museum, established in 2003.

Or Yehuda will be connected to the Light Rail system in 2026, with the opening of the Purple Line. Six stations located throughout the town will connect it with Yehud-Monson to the east and Ramat Gan, Givatayim and Tel Aviv Yafo to the west.

Or Yehuda Stations

  • 8stations
  • 6Km
  • 9,200Daily Passengers