Ramat Gan

Ramat Gan

Ramat Gan is a major town that’s adjacent to Tel Aviv – Jaffa. It is an economic, cultural and educational hub and home to 170,000 residents. In was founded in 1921 as an agricultural settlement and became a town in 1950. The Diamond Exchange is located in Ramat Gan and a new business area developed has around it. In recent years, the town also managed to attract some financial institutions. It is also the home of the Shiba Medical Center and several higher education institutes, including Bar Ilan University, Ramat Gan College, the Beit Zvi School for Performing arts, Shenkar, and more.

Ramat Gan is situated on the intersection of major national and regional traffic axes – road 20 (the Ayalon Freeway), road 481 (Jabotinsky Road), the main line of the Israel Rail (passing along the Ayalon Freeway), and road 4 (Geha Road) to the east.

The Red Line of the Light Rail has two stations along Jabotinsky Road, and the Purple and Metro lines will also pass through the town.

Ramat Gan Stations

  • 14Stations
  • 16.60Km
  • 47,500Daily Passengers